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Logical Inc. is a development and marketing agency focused on creating innovative, sustainable solutions that satisfy the real needs of our clients. We value empathy and integrity as our core tenets, and believe honest consultation is the key for a positive return on investment in any project. With decades of experience, we have served businesses of all sizes, in all stages of development.

What we do

We integrate and coordinate with our client, seeing the field from their eyes and basing our recommendations on their position in their industry. Then we get to work making websites, building intranets, defining brands, planning content strategy, orchestrating ad campaigns, refining conversion funnels, accomplishing milestones, improving ROI, and getting shit done.




Digital Design

Digital Design fuses aesthetics with technology, crafting powerful visuals with user interaction to elevate your brand's digital experience. More than just creating attractive graphics, our services span the gamut from strategic ideation to meticulous execution. We align our design process with your brand vision and marketing strategy to deliver meaningful and effective visual communication.

By incorporating user experience and messaging strategy in our design process, we create impactful designs that not only resonate with your target audience but also fuel your marketing efforts and propel growth.


Print Design

Print Design is a fusion of creativity and strategic thinking that brings your brand's vision to tangible reality. Our print design services encompass the creation of compelling, visually-stunning print materials that capture attention and effectively communicate your message. Whether it's business cards, brochures, mailers, pamphlets, books, or posters, we ensure consistency with your brand's identity and marketing strategy. Emphasizing impactful messaging and innovative layouts, the final results will not only resonate with your audience, but elevate your marketing and brand persona.



User Experience/User Interaction (UX/UI) design is a meticulous process that elevates user satisfaction by enhancing how users interact with your digital platforms. We focus on creating intuitive, user-centered designs that seamlessly blend form and function. Our process includes understanding user personas, defining user flows, and designing interactive elements that align with your brand's vision and strategy. Our UX/UI designs not only improve user engagement and satisfaction, but also streamline your digital interfaces, enhancing your marketing efforts and catalyzing business growth.



Branding is strategic design that sculpts your unique identity, infusing your business persona with a distinct attitude and experience. We focus on creating a cohesive, memorable brand image that effectively communicates your values and establishes client expectations. Through the nuanced crafting of your visual identity, inclusive of logo design, color schemes, and typography, we'll create a brand experience that resonates with your target market. Our branding services will not only distinguish your business from the crowd, but form an authentic connection, driving marketing success and business growth.



Web Development

Logical offers enterprise-grade web development that embodies quality, precision, and efficient technology. We work with HTML5, CSS3, LESS/SCSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, among other languages, writing custom code in-house for a truly unique web presence. Eschewing pre-made templates, we develop one-of-a-kind websites, mobile-friendly and responsive, tailored to your business needs. We follow agile methodologies and security best practices, ensuring our work not only meets, but surpasses the highest industry standards. Our dedication to quality assures a robust website that drives marketing success and fuels business growth.



Our E-commerce solutions deliver a seamless and efficient online shopping experience tailored to your industry and product needs. We specialize in creating intuitive, mobile-friendly e-commerce platforms with a focus on user experience and conversion optimization. By leveraging the latest technologies and following industry best practices, we build online stores that are not only aesthetically appealing but also robust, secure, and easy to navigate. Designed to facilitate easy management of your online inventory and streamline your sales process, making online transactions effortless for both you and your customers. Enhance your digital presence, drive sales, and foster business growth with a Logical custom e-commerce solution.


Content Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS) Development focuses on setting up and developing robust, user-friendly platforms, such as WordPress, SharePoint, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, and Hubspot. The custom templates we create in these platforms offer a seamless administrator experience, making content management a breeze even for those with minimal technical expertise. We tailor our CMS solutions to your business needs, ensuring that updating, managing, and organizing content becomes an effortless process, creating a powerful, streamlined content platform that will enable the overall success of your digital presence and content strategy.


Data & Analytics

Analytics focuses on harnessing data-driven insights to optimize your digital marketing efforts. We utilize advanced analytics tools to track user behavior, identify trends, and uncover opportunities for conversion rate enhancement. By understanding your audience's journey, we strategize improvements to your website's design, content, and user experience, aiming to increase engagement and ultimately boost conversions.

With continual monitoring and analysis, strategies can be adjusted in real-time, responding to user behavior and market trends. See how your content is actually performing and make metric based decisions and strategies.




A powerful tool to amplify your digital presence, connect with your target audience, and drives business growth. Through a strategic blend of search, display, and social media advertising, your brand's message can be delivered directly to consumers who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. This ensures efficient use of your marketing budget and maximizes return on investment. Then take it offline with print advertising and direct mailers to give tangible and personal experience, creating a lasting impression. Carefully coordinated advertising campaigns not only enhance brand awareness and visibility but drive customer engagement and conversions.


Conversion Improvement

Conversion Improvement is the second stage of an analytics platform deployment, where data and insights are turned into actionable results. This process focuses on utilizing acquired data to enhance the user journey, boost engagement, and ultimately increase conversion rates. By examining user behavior and confirming assumptions with A/B testing, we pinpoint resonant content for enhancement, be it design, content, or the overall user experience. This iterative process of analysis, implementation, testing, and refinement not only improves the effectiveness of your marketing efforts but also fuels business growth by transforming more of your traffic into loyal customers.


Content Strategy

Content is king, and Content Strategy is the crucial process that shapes your user experience and drives growth by delivering valuable, relevant content. This service is the foundation of your digital presence, beginning with a comprehensive understanding of your target audience, their needs, and preferences. We then combine strategic planning with high-quality writing to create content that not only captivates but aligns with your business objectives. In essence, it's about figuring out what to say and saying it well — whether it's blog posts, articles, social media content, or website copy, we ensure each piece is purposeful, engaging, and impactful.



Custom-tailored solutions and planning to achieve your business goals. Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we'll create the strategy to make it happen. Utilize our decades of experience in comprehensive planning, innovative thinking, and strategic execution, all geared towards realizing your vision. Whether it's boosting brand visibility, increasing customer engagement, driving conversions, or expanding market reach, we have the expertise to devise effective strategies. Our approach is flexible and adaptable, ensuring your strategy evolves with your business, market trends, and customer needs. Make your goals our mission, and we'll be dedicated to helping you achieve them.

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Transparent pricing, long term planning, a more effective partnership: we offer significant discounts for ongoing contracts. Get the support you need to stay on top of marketing campaigns and accommodate moving targets. Packages start as small as 2 hours/month.

Our contracts are flexible - purchased hours are valid for one year! Small packages can build hours across months to accomplish a bigger project, and a stalled project has plenty of time to catch up once deliverables are in place.

Additional hours can be purchased ad hoc at current package rate.
Minimum package duration is three months.

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