When we use the Internet, browsers cache and save certain files in order to load quicker for the next time you view that page. Caching can result in seeing a broken version of the page if the cached files are out of date. Clearing browser cache will force your computer to update these files.

Please see the following instructions on how to clear your cache for each browser:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Safari

Google Chrome

Option 1 of Windows/Linux on Google Chrome. Video example


Option 1:

  1. Right click on the screen and select ‘Inspect’.
    • (or press any of these hot keys: CTRL+Shift+C, CTRL+Shift+I, or F12)
  2. Developer tools window will appear. Minimize it (don’t close until after you have cleared the cache.)
  3. Right click on the refresh button of the browser you want to clear. Select ‘Empty cache and hard reload’.

Option 2: Hold down CTRL and click the Reload button on the desired webpage.

Option 3: Hold down CTRL and press F5 while visiting the webpage.


Option 1: Hold Shift and select the Refresh button on the page.

Option 2: On the page, hold down Cmd and the Shift key, press R.

Option 3: Select from the browser’s settings bar, ‘More tools’ > ‘Developer tools’. Minimize developer tools and right click on refresh, select ‘Empty cache and hard reload’.

Option 3 of Macintosh on Google Chrome example

Mozilla Firefox


Option 1: Hold down the CTRL key and then press the F5 key when visiting the page.

Option 2: On the webpage, hold down CTRL and Shift and then press R.


Option 1: Hold down the Shift and left click the Refresh button on the page.

Option 2: Hold down Cmd and Shift and then press the R button.

Microsoft Edge


Option 1: Hold CTRL and press F5 with the webpage open.



Option 1: Top menu > Develop > Empty caches

Option 2: Simultaneously, press Opt+Cmd+E to empty the cache, then hold down Shift and click Reload in the toolbar.